Rates of Wedding and Christening Photo Coverage

          Wedding prices & packages vary significantly. This is absolutely justifiable, since the total cost depends on various factors.

          Consider the time required for the photo shoot, the staff and the products on order.


         Even though you may come across really low prices, be vary cautious. Most likely, when they seem too good to be true, they are! 

        Remember that in wedding and christening photography, you should not only focus on the price. There are many things to consider.

        Among them, the legality of business, the experience of the photographer and the portfolio on display. 

        The equipment in use and the overall feedback from prior customers. 


        So think twice, before booking your wedding photographer. There is no way for you to repeat your precious wedding day.

        And when you receive the images, it is probably too late for tears. 


        A general rule is  to estimate  about 5% of your total wedding budget spent  to the wedding photographer.

        Just imagine receiving the images and realizing that they do not meet your expectations.


        The wedding and christening photography captures those moments for a lifetime.  Your memories start fading away the day after.

        Instead your images will start getting value at the same time and become invaluable.


        My prices are very reasonable, weddings starting at 450 euros for 2 hours shooting just for the photography up to 2200 euros including

        almost everything. Christening starting at 350 euros for up to 2 hours just for the photography.


        Please do not hesitate to contact me to and arrange a meeting via skype or viber. I will be more than to listen to you and discuss and

        suggest ideas and ways  to make your day even more memorable.